high speed timing with biactiv
new active transponder
biactive the new active transponder by mandigo
mandigo lauchnes a new active transponder, the biactiv. After the big success story of the passive transponder the bibchip, in the running markets, mandigo launches a new product in the active sporttiming technology.
The biactiv transponder fits perfectly in the growing sport markets biking and triathlon. Two chips are integrated in the biactiv Transponder. The combination of NF and HF technology in just one product,gives the graet opportunity to track fast sports with a great accuracy.

biactiv taggy
biactiv taggy
biactiv taggy
The Taggy is the central control unit, to which 2 different antennas will be connected. It saves the data transmitted by the transponders together with the corresponding time. This data can be read out at any time on one of the two RS232 interfaces.
biactiv combines LF and UHF
The antennas are used for the reception and transmission of energy and data. One the one side the ground antenna emits energy, which “awakes” the transponders located in the field, on the other side the receiving antenna receives the data transmitted by the transponders.
Technical Data Taggy
Weight: 7 kg
Size: 41 x 34 x 20,5 cm
Protection class: IP 53
[with closed lid and existing
seals on the plugs]
Operating voltage
Main supply: 85-264 VAC, 60W, 47-63 Hz
Battery: 11-15 VDC, 50W
Operating time: at battery supply: The operating time depends on the capacity, the state of charge and the type of the battery used. The time might shorten extremely with increasing age of the battery.
Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C
Data protection
For reasons of data protection the Taggy features two slots for a PCM CIA Flashdisk with FAT File System.
Trigger LF Antenna:
Weight: 0,5 kg
400 x 70 x 0,5 cm
600 x 70 x 0,5 cm
800 x 70 x 0,5 cm
Operating frequency: 125 kHz
Response UHF Antenna
Operating frequency: 434 MHz
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